“For that reason, developers have begun to look in other places to try and find an alternative solution, and that’s when they thought about pumped water storage technology. Whether this technology will work in the old mines remains to be seen, but developers from the UK to Germany, to the US are all willing to give it a go.

In southeastern California, a transmission line runs along Interstate 10 that connects solar farms in the Sonoran Desert to the city of Los Angeles.  Every day, from daybreak to nightfall, electricity is pumped through the line as photovoltaic panels absorb energy from the sun.  The problem is that the line goes quiet as soon as millions of people turn on their lights, and that’s what experts are trying to stop.  As stated by Steve Lowe, president of Eagle Crest Energy Co. “When the sun sets, that line goes empty.  We want to do something about it.””

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